White cliffs of Dover and Eastbourne

We spent our last day in England on the southern coast near Dover. We happened to visit Dover Castle during a historical reenactment, which made the experience even more enjoyable. We also visited the tunnels under the castle used during World War II. From Dover, we drove along the coast toward Eastbourne in East Sussex, where some of the most famous chalk cliffs are located. We happened to arrive at Beachy Head at sunset, which provided some amazing photographs and videos from the drone.


I love Copenhagen’s eclectic architecture, from the Danish Renaissance style of the Rosenberg Palace to the neoclassical, “Pantheon” style of the Church of our Lady.  The ultra-modern Royal Library, referred to locally as the “black diamond” because of how it reflects sunlight off the water, is exquisite. Tivoli is a fascinating amusement park in the center of Copenhagen.  It lights up the night with a splash of color.



Northern Ireland, a Game of Thrones Adventure

Sophie and I love Game of Thrones. Much of the series has been filmed in Northern Ireland. It was fascinating to see the sites of Winterfell, Dragonstone, Harrenhal, the Dothraki Sea, Pyke, the King’s Road, and many others. In addition to the Game of Thrones locations, we loved the Giant’s Causeway, the rugged Antrim Coast, the Mussenden Temple, Derry, Belfast, and Carrickfergus and Belfast Castles.  While I give the Republic of Ireland the edge in sheer beauty, Northern Ireland was incredible in its own right.



In terms of theater, this trip to London focused on Shakespeare — Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and the Tempest.  We also enjoyed Alice’s Underground Adventure and the Warner Brother’s Harry Potter Studio Tour.  Like last time, we stayed in the Le Meridien Piccadilly, which provides convenient access to most of the sites in London’s West End.  After coming to London over a dozen times, we finally saw the Houses of Parliament and even purchased a tile that had been removed from the floor of the Royal Gallery during renovation. It’s fascinating to think who may have walked over that tile — Victoria, Churchill, Elizabeth II?