Calf Creek and Boulder Creek

We happened to pass through this rugged area of wilderness at the perfect time for the fall leaves.  Scenic road 12 passes between canyons carved by Calf Creek (on the right) and Boulder Creek (on the left).  The trees grow in a narrow band along the creeks.


Grand Staircase National Monument

On the way home from Bryce Canyon, we took a scenic detour through part of the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument.  I explored one particularly interesting mesa by drone with flag on top!



Zion National Park

We were lucky to be in Zion National Park during the peak fall foliage. Considering the surrounding desert, it’s hard to believe that there are deciduous trees that can change color.  However, the Virgin River that runs through Zion Canyon provides year-round water to the trees that line its banks.

Bridal Veil Falls

I’m frequently in Utah, so I’ve wanted to explore Bridal Veil Falls since I got my drone earlier in the year.  The dark granite cliffs were imposing in the early dawn.  My hands literally stopped working because of the cold.  Next time: gloves!  I can’t wait to come back when the waterfall is covered with ice.